Review for Idol Dreams Vol.2

Review for Idol Dreams Vol.2

25814366I had to wait patiently for this, it is a Viz release and those always take an extra month longer to come out on my Amazon. 😐 But now it is here, and it was a delight to read this one!

While I do have it rated a 5 stars, I do have to mention that I am not entirely to sure about the love triangle, or love quartet as it is at times. It is written well, so that is why I am not hating it completely, but it does seem silly that our MC has 2 guys vying for her (15-year old her, and 31-year old) and that she herself is vying for a guy. Now that I write it down like that, and read it back, yeah, it seems a bit over the top.

But other than that the manga is really interesting. In this manga we find out more about both the guys (the guy she always been with since High School, and the other guy who is her partner (often) when she is an idol). I was happy that those things were added, it gave a bit more dimension to both guys and it also made me like them more. Especially Hibiki, since he is so grumpy and meh (and I also didn’t like what he tried in this book, doing that to a girl is not a joke).

It was also interesting to see more about our main girl, to see her in idol-mode, but also in her older mode. So far I am liking the girl more when she is in idol-mode. Mostly because at least then she doesn’t keep whining and complaining about her boo-hoo 31-year old life. Girl, you had your chances, can you please just shut up.
I am quite curious to see how the idol stuff will go on, especially with that tricky medicine that isn’t tested yet. So far we haven’t had any blunders because of that (though one very close), but I do hope that we will see some blunders happening. Don’t get me wrong, but this is an experimental drug, and it is a bit too magical that it works so perfectly and doesn’t seem to have side-effects.

We also have a new girl in the mix (well, new, she was also mentioned in the previous book, but now we see her for real). I am not sure if I entirely like her that much. She seems mean. 😐

I just flew through this manga volume, it sure was a ride full of fun, idols, romance, and revelations. I can’t wait until the next volumes comes out.

The art of course is still gorgeous, but I don’t think I can ever not like Tanemura’s art. It is just too gorgeous, too pretty, and too lovely. Her backgrounds, her characters, all the little details, so much love to that!

I would highly recommend this series to everyone.


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