Review for Kyou no Yuiko-san Vol.1

Review for Kyou no Yuiko-san Vol.1

978-4063878417I spotted this one, and I was curious about the cover. I was wondering why the girl was looking like that, and what was going on.

Well, I have to say you find that one out quite soon. The girl is a tsundere, really, a giant tsundere. Hot, cold, hot, cold. She is also a stickler for the rules, and will not deviate from them for even one bit. No, not even to go on a date with the boy she loves. She won’t even cut him slack if he dares to do something that will go against the rules (like taking manga with him to school, or snacks).
At times I was highly annoyed with this girl. I wish she would just be honest, everyone can clearly see she has the hots for the guy, but she keeps being a total bitch at times about it. Not to mention her sticking to the rules so closely. I can imagine you want to follow the rules, but come on, live a bit. No need to follow them to a t.
So yeah, I was annoyed at her, but I also liked her when she was acting friendly and nice, and the times you could see her being friendly to the guy.

Their moments together? When she was being honest, or being sweet, were delightfully fun and I was just squealing in joy.

I was also delighted with the male character (the love interest), unlike many male characters in books, especially when faced with a tsundere girl, he keeps his wits to him, and isn’t afraid to say what is on his mind, even if those things are highly embarrassing for him.
I loved what he did for Yuiko when she wanted to see a movie but they had school stuff on that day.
Also the ending to this volume was really sweet, and I lovedthe decisions he made there. Go go!

So all in all, this was a pretty funny, and decent manga. Even with a slightly annoying tsundere main character I just couldn’t hate this manga. Instead I think I am developing a soft spot for it. 😀

There are also quite a few side characters who made me laugh aloud and who did really sweet things.

The art is pretty decent, the style is fun, though I wish Yuiko’s expressions would be a little less evil and more cute and sweet.

All in all, I will be sure to read more of this manga. I hope to see Yuiko become more honest with herself and her (I will just call him this) boyfriend. But also with her friends and family.


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