Review for Library Wars: Love & War Vol.15

Review for Library Wars: Love & War Vol.15

25986973And so the main story comes to a close. I can only hope that we will also get the side story manga.

This manga was full of emotion, full of feelings. Yes, I cried, quite a lot of times actually. I also laughed, cheered and was delighted with how the manga ended. Well, for most. Before I want to rave about all the good, I want to say how sad I am that we never got to see that wedding, or anything else in between. Now it feels like our favourite couple said what they wanted to say, and got hitched right away. Yes, there is a time skip, but we don’t know when they married. It just feels incomplete. I have looked forward to the romance, to them finally confessing, I have seen the grown together, cheered for them, only to be snubbed at the ending. Yes, there was a confession. Yes, it was fabulous and all that I wanted, but then that time skip happened and suddenly they are married? And all we get to see is that one photo.. BAH. 😐

But other than that, this was a fabulous last book in the series, I like how everything got its right ending, how everything turned out to be. I loved what happened to the censorship, the library forces, and all the others that had such a big role in the book. I am delighted for all the characters, for everyone in this world. Yay! Good job everyone who worked so hard to get where they are now.

I also loved Iku’s plan to save Mr Toma. It was an amazing plan, a bit reckless, but that fits with Iku completely. I loved how she stayed strong, even when she wanted to just curl up and find out what happened to Atsushi. I just wanted to tell her everything would be all right, that she was almost done. That she will be awesome in what she does.

The art is still truly amazing, and I just love the style. It fits the characters perfectly, and I just love Iku’s expressions, she makes the best ones. 😀

All in all, I will really miss this series, it was such an amazing ride. Maybe one day I will re-read them all, and this time I won’t have to wait until the books come out. This time I can just read them in one go. cheers

I would highly recommend this series. It has action, romance, awkward and hilarious situations and much much more.


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