Review for Love is my Favourite Thing: A Plumdog Story

Review for Love is my Favourite Thing: A Plumdog Story

91EhBt81p-LThis picture book just made me squee soooo much. The cover already screamed: “OMG!! Cuteness overload present in these pages, Read ME!”. But then I started reading.

And I just laughed, cheered, awwed as I flipped the pages and read the story. Plum is a very adorable (but at times naughty) dog. She tries her best to not be naughty, she tries her best to be sweet and kind, but sometimes, sometimes a dog just gotta go into the pond and play with her friend, or when spotting something yummy, having to grab it, even if it means getting in trouble.
Of course Plum immediately feels guilty, and with the increasing naughtiness you see her hope that her family and friends will still love her.

She will also tell you about all her favourite things, and always remind us that love is her absolute favourite thing. It did get a bit repetitive but I also really liked it.

The book switches between full page illustrations to shorter ones that are a bit like a comic. I really liked that this was done, sure, it took me a bit to get used to it, but after that I found it creative and fun, it gave a bit of creativity and also a bit of a playful note to the book.

The ending and what happened there, I just loved it and it was really adorable, though I did feel sorry for Plum (then again, she had it coming).

The art is really great, detailed and I just love how Plum is drawn.

I see there is another book with Plum as a main character, and I will see if I can get my hands on that book since it looks absolutely fun.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, it is funny, it is cute, it is creative!


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