Review for Mummy’s Home!

Review for Mummy’s Home!

23346903This was just super adorable, and what a delight to be able to find this one at my library. I was already thinking of buying it due to the illustrator, but now I had a chance to read it before I buy it. 😀

This book is about a family of aliens who live in a hut on poles, they are very happy. But sometimes they are sad, because mom has to leave for works, weeks after weeks. Mommy is a doctor/nurse and she is amazing at her job, so many people want to see her. The kids and their dad miss their mom dearly, but as shown in this book have found ways to make things easier on them.
I really loved those ways, and think that they would be perfect to use in real life as well. The jellybean way is a perfect, and fun, way to let kids know when a parent is coming back home. It is something totally different from say marking x’s on a calendar each day.

I also love that the parents let the kids help their mother with packing, with finding things for her to do, with making something special for her so she will remember them.

And then mommy comes home (no spoiler, it is already clear from the title), and it was just a delight to see the family be reunited again, to see everyone happy.

The art, well, I don’t think I need to say much about it since I already said I was planning on buying the book for the illustrator. 😀

I would highly recommend this book to everyone. I think that kids who have parents who travel often, or who are planning on a trip, will find a nice story in this one and will be able to connect to the characters.


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