Review for My Favorite Mistake

Review for My Favorite Mistake

The girls are back, and there is so much drama, romance, and of course (duh) horses and competitions.11873026

I was actually hoping (based on the preview in the previous book) that we would have an easy time discerning between our 3 MCs, sadly, it seems that the preview was a lie. The POVs are still done as they did in the previous book. A way that is at times confusing. You would be totally into Tommi’s life, and then suddenly thrown into Kate’s. Sure, there are *** or other breakers, but it is still a bit confusing.

This time each girl has their fair share of drama and romance in their lives.
Kate and Fitz, I am still amazed by their relationship, though they do make a very cute couple. I am really delighted that it seems Fitz is truly into Kate, and that he isn’t treating her like another badge to achieve. Their romance is really burning, especially the times when they have time to seek a unoccupied part of the barn and steal a few kisses.
Then we have Tommi, who has a new boy in her life. I am still not so sure about Alex though, everything seems to be too good. Don’t get me wrong, Tommi deserves some romance in her life, but with how Alex reacts to Zara, and just stalks after her all the time… I just hope that Tommi won’t be hurt by Alex. readies the pitchforks and torches
And Zara is the last one, I am still not entirely happy with how shitty she treats guys. She is texting Grant, taking a serious interest in him, but if she spots a hot boy she will eagerly flirt and go with them. I do hope that Grant will notice before stuff really hits the fan. I don’t like Grant that much, but I still don’t wish this to anyone.

Next to this all the girls have their share of trouble/problems. Well OK, Zara’s problems just pale in comparison to everyone else’s.
I am worried about Kate, her family is falling apart (has been for the past few years, but it has been declining even more), and she really overworks herself to death. I already noticed her not eating, and I was wondering what would happen to her. I do hope she will find help. This is just not right, and sure, I can imagine she is pissed at her friends (because she thinks she can handle things), but I do hope she will realise herself that stuff is going south.
I also like the parts with her and Natalia/Natalie.
Tommi and her horse/future. I am happy for the decision she made in this one. It is a good one. I am not totally agreeing on her skipping lessons/other things for the sake of a boy. You want to go pro? Yet at the mere mention of one hot boy you drop everything? Even go to late-night parties and the likes? Are you really serious about this future? If you go pro, you can’t just drop your horse stuff, you have to be responsible about it.

Of course there are a lot of horse stuff going on, but I felt that it faded away a bit with all the stuff that goes on in the girls’ lives.
I would also like to see them actually win something. Yes, they win, but we barely ever see it from that character’s POV. We just hear a quick mention about stuff. Oh yes, btw I placed in this and that. Or I got this and that place.
The barn sounds like an interesting place, though I am not sure if I would be there because of all the stress, all the drama that takes place there.
And while Jamie seems a bit bossy, he is kind, friendly, and he cares about his clients and their horses.

All in all, this was a great book in this series, and I can’t wait to buy the other 2 books and read them. I am curious to see how everything will continue, and I do hope we will see more competitions and horse stuff.


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