Review for Mystery & Mayhem: Twelve Deliciously Intriguing Mysteries

Review for Mystery & Mayhem: Twelve Deliciously Intriguing Mysteries

27154693This will just be a general review, I decided to just read and enjoy the book opposed to keep tracking of each story and their ratings. That keeping track just distracts from reading, and I also don’t always have stuff ready to write down the rating + short description.

This book is 12 stories full of mystery, murder, mayhem, poison, and much much more. The stories are all short (20~ pages), and the stories range from told in the modern time to Victorian age (or thereabouts). The MCs in each story are either male or female.
The book is also separated in 4 parts. Like a part in which poisons play a big role in the mystery/murder, but we also have dogs, and 2 others. I think out of all of them the impossible rooms and the poison were my favourites.

There were only 2 stories that I didn’t like. 1 was because it was just so obvious how the murder happened, and who did it, but the characters were all so stupid about it and couldn’t figure it out until the last pages. So frustrating! I don’t mind if it is slightly obvious what the murder weapon, or whodunnit is, but this was beyond that, and I just want to scream at the characters all the time.
The other one was one with very old English (or street Old English) which was terribly hard to read so I kind of gave up on that one because my head just started hurting too much.

A few stories were shorts from other series, especially one was a delight. I just love Lil (from the Mystery of the Clockwork Sparrow) and I was happy to see a story from her POV! I wouldn’t mind another one of that one.

I had great fun trying to find out the whodunnit, and the weapon of choice (since it isn’t always obvious from the start).

All in all, I really enjoyed this book, and I hope that these authors will be writing another Mystery & Mayhem book, I would buy it in a heartbeat. 😀


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