Review for Oliver & Patch

Review for Oliver & Patch

81WgpdX3oQLI spotted this in the library, and I just fell in love with the cover. I loved how it looked, and not only that, but I also was highly curious about the story behind these 2 characters.

Meet Oliver, he just moved to the big city, and he isn’t really liking it so far (I can imagine, there was absolutely nothing green, or remotely fun, to do). But then he meets a dog, a dog named Patch. He is delighted, finally a friend, finally something fun to do.

And yes, I loved Oliver and Patch’s things, but, I did have a question. Why did the parents (if they are there, they were mysteriously not there) allow Patch to stay? And for a few days even? If this was my kid, I would have said that the dog can stay one night, but then it would be time to do a search, and I would help him out with that. Not let the kid do all the work, and then just leave him with the dog and also let him buy a crapload of expensive toys and fun dog stuff. I felt absolutely sorry for the little kid who lost Patch. I do also hope that Oliver learns a lesson. Just because you find a dog, doesn’t mean it is yours to take. No, just no.

But that was really my only big gripe with this book. Everything else, the illustrations, the ending (ahhh, that ending, I just cried), and of course the cover was great, and that is also why I rated the book 4 stars.

All in all, I would still recommend this book to everyone. It was a fun read, with beautiful illustrations that will suck you up in the world of Oliver and Patch.


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