Review for Racing Hearts

Review for Racing Hearts

17245359Only 2 more books to go and then this series is ending. 🙁 I will miss it a lot, I just wish it went on longer than 12 books.

Most of this book was amazing, fun, and great. A real change from the previous book. However, around the middle part I just got highly annoyed with Malory. Yes, I could imagine why she acted the way she did in there, however I found her selfish and annoying. She can have a life, she can make friends and do her things, but her dad can’t? Sure, he should have been honest with her, then again, I can also understand why he didn’t tell her. Does she want her dad to let her know every time he tries something new? Finds someone new? I found Malory’s reaction to be overdone and over the top. And I just wanted to shake her. Just because your dad finds someone new doesn’t mean you aren’t the favourite, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you any more. It doesn’t mean you are dead to him. It is just a shame that she thought all that.
She is normally a strong-willed character, and I had expected her to be a bit more respecting, kind, and understanding about the whole thing.
Of course she learns a lesson, but it took too long and I was already beyond annoyed with her.

And of course, her majesty Lynsey is also back in action, luckily, we also see a whole different Lynsey, one that I wouldn’t mind seeing more often.
I felt sorry for her though, I just wish we could have found out what happened to her horse. Was it her mistake? Was it the horse’s mistake? Was it someone else? It is a bit confusing, and I wish it was clear. Now it just felt too open-ended.

We also have new horse things happening in this story, ones that I really liked, and it was just so much fun to see the characters try out the new things, and to see how the horses reacted to it.
I just love it when books add new things to the mix, it is always so interesting, and I learn something new about horses and competitions.
I can’t wait to see if we learn something new in the next book, or if we will be back to combining the new thing from this book with all the other stuff they already did.

We also have another competition, and it was a lot of fun to read about it, I was just cheering for all my favourite characters, and of course for Chestnut Hill as well. They deserved what they got in this one, it was about time for them too!

I know that this one isn’t from Dylan’s POV any more, but it just felt sad that Casey and the other characters from the previous book were barely mentioned, and apparently didn’t have any lessons any more. 🙁

But all in all, this was a vast improvement over the previous book, and I was delighted. Malory grew so much, and you can see why she was chosen to be the captain of the team more and more. She is still unsure, but she sets aside those insecurities when someone needs her.


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