Review for Resthaven

Review for Resthaven

29770150I was looking for a new creepy read, and I just had to try this one out. The blurb, and the cover, looked really interesting.

Sadly, the book didn’t turn out to be that good. Yes, it was creepy, yes it had some exciting and scary moments (especially when one reads this one at midnight), but I had so many questions, I had so many points that were frustrating.

  1. The characters. Dear Lord, talk about terrible characters with terrible attitudes and personalities. The MC and Wren were the only 2 characters I slightly cared about, though Wren’s took me until a certain event for me to care for her.
    The other characters, sorry, but they just pissed me off. I was hoping for Anna to turn out great, but sadly she was weak, pathetic, told everyone’s secrets in trade for attention, dramatic and much more.
    Then we have Jamie, or the worst character possible. Spoiled, bratty, frustrating, a bitch, and I could go on with the list. I was delighted that she wasn’t around so much in the book. Because if she was around more, during the creepy parts? I would have just dumped the book right there.
    Sidney was so-so, but I was frustrated with how she acted. Instead of being honest, instead of trying to be herself, she fitted herself in a form and then was angry when people only saw that form/personality. sighs
    I just was so sick of all the drama that these girls had. In the end I was just laughing at the silliness and rolling my eyes.
    2.) More character stuff, I get that you want to do background stories to make your characters more rounded, but it was just ridiculous that none of the characters had a good life it seems. They either had divorced, dead or in prison-staying parents. Then there was their whole life up until that moment that they met, and sorry, it was just a bit too unbelievable. I can imagine 2 characters, or maybe 3, but then one with at least a happier life, but all of them? All of them have problems and stuff going on? No. No. Just no.
    3.) The old man. He was one of the biggest frustrations. I still don’t get what was wrong with him. I get he wanted to protect the boy, but seriously, 4 very afraid, very scared teenage girls are being threatened by him, because they might steal away the boy? Um, dude, maybe you need to check your eyes. If these 4 girls were adults, I might have given it a yes (even though it was implausible), but 4 teenage girls, who clearly state to be afraid and just want to get out? What the hell is wrong with you? Why do you hunt, hurt, and haunt them so? Why not help them out? Not like they will talk about what they saw. No need to do all the shit you pulled on them.
    And then that personality change at the end (and the magical backstory), which was just highly unbelievable with all that happened in the book and with that character.
    4.) The ending. I won’t say much about that one, but while the last part was creepy, and certainly heart-pounding, it was also just a bit annoying (especially the Jamie part, and how the girls magically turn out to be that). Sorry, but what?

I will give it 2 stars for the awesome/creepy atmosphere, and because of the place it all took place (an old/abandoned retirement home). Add to that the apartments still had stuff or surprises lying about and I was definitely creeped out.
Then there was also the mystery (what was up with the old man (though that one stayed pretty much unanswered), who is the kid).

But all in all, this was a disappointment, it sounded so epic, so creepy, so wow, and then I get horrible characters, and unanswered things.


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