Review for Royal Day Out

Review for Royal Day Out

29938979I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review!

I was delighted when I spotted this little book, I just love Olivia, so I just had to get this one.

This little book is all about Olivia’s and Grandmeré’s day out. They are going to be a present for Mia (who is pregnant/ruling the country/sick because of the pregnancy), and afterwards going to the Yacht club for some drinks and food. Now doesn’t this sound fun? But there is more fun than this alone! With Grandmere a day is never boring and bland and a lot of things (hilarious and OMG things) happen!
I won’t spoil anything of course, though I think those who know the Princess Diaries series, and know Grandmere can just imagine what will happen.

The book is (duh) narrated by Olivia, and I just loved her comments, and I also loved how she treated Grandmere. Unlike Mia who treats her Grandmere with a lot of distrust (but duh) or with disinterest (also duh) (though I am sure Mia also loves her Grandmere somewhere), Olivia is really loving her Grandmere and loves being around her (at least this is what seems to be going on, and I think I can guess why, due to Olivia’s background).

I also love Olivia, unlike Mia, she has a good head on her shoulders, she is not whiny, bratty, or thinks strange stuff. She is just a normal kid, and she doesn’t overreact like Mia constantly would do. I do hope that Olivia won’t go acting strange when she gets older, I hope she will just stick the way she is.

All in all, this was a hilarious book, I was sad when it was over, but luckily soon book 2 will be out and I can continue reading about Olivia’s life (now at Genovia).


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