Review for Snow + Rain

Review for Snow + Rain

24727121This is a combined review for Snow and Rain. Why? Because both books follow the same formula. It is insert raining or snowing, kid wants to go outside, grandpa is grumpy and takes ages, finally they go outside and then stuff happens.
Still I didn’t mind the repetitiveness, since the illustrations were gorgeous, and I just wanted to see what would happen when they finally would go outside. When they would finally go out in the rain or in the snow. What would they encounter and find?

I also tagged this one as magical (octarine) due to the things that happens in these books. I am not sure if I liked the magical stuff, it just felt out of place a bit. You had this wonderful day with rain or snow, you would see what happens outside, and then when they do go outside there is that happening. It made me wonder if the kid was just dreaming this all instead of really going outside.

The grandpa also wasn’t really the greatest. I hated how long he would take, or how he would hold back the kid. Especially in the Snow book I was frustrated. Why take HOURS to do stuff, when you could just change your clothes and dive outside. Come on, it is snowing, A LOT, and you would just rather take ages to do stuff instead of immediately going out. I felt terribly sorry for the little 29893967kid, he just wanted to go outside and he had to wait ages.

But I did love the art, the illustrations are just absolutely gorgeous and will have you wishing you could go to that little (or big) town. I also loved the little details or fun little things that were put in the book. And those covers, just absolutely gorgeous (especially the hardcover of Rain, the little drops of rain you can see, are actually touchable bumps on the books, which is just so much fun).

I also loved to see the town change. In both of the books the town changes quite a bit due to the amount of rain and snow.

I wasn’t planning on reading both books so close to each other, I actually wanted to save the Snow book for when it was winter (and either it was snowing, though HA to that, or it was cold enough), but the past few days have been quite cold, and some parts of my country (not mine though) had a bit of snow.

Would I recommend these two books? Yes. And I will also be eagerly waiting to see what the next book will be about, since I read somewhere there were going to be 4 books in total.


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