Review for Steins;Gate Volume 1

Review for Steins;Gate Volume 1

650x650_6cbe7fefaa724c27ac4255ce5a4afc145fdfe3f217ad1248f9549250I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I was absolutely delighted when I spotted this on NetGalley. Steins;Gate was amazing, and I didn’t know there was a manga as well.

I absolutely adored the anime (movie/specials/TV series), but sorry, apparently this kind of anime/game doesn’t translate well into manga. The jokes felt flat. Okarin was even more annoying than in the anime (which is magical, considering how he was in the anime).
It is not the first time that I read a manga that just doesn’t translate well in that medium, but does work perfect in animated form (anime/game).

And then the art. At times, the art is absolutely gorgeous (like the cover), at times I just want to keep looking, but a lot of times it is just (and I am sorry) ugly. Facial expressions that are distorted and just wtf is wrong with those people’s heads, proportions screwed up, barely any details, and several other things. I just couldn’t enjoy it after a while.

Just like the story, it just doesn’t work in the manga. In the anime the discussions about the time travel, about SERN, are interesting because the characters are speaking in high regards about, you just feel their spirits rise, and you can’t help feel excited, however in this one? I was just bored out of my mind. 😐

Also the translation of Mayuri’s annoying catchphrase to Toodle-too was just weird. Can’t you just keep it as it was: Tuturu. Now it just seemed odd and out of place.

There were also some things that weren’t right, spelling errors, but also that Mayuri arrives at their home, says morning, then switches to afternoon. However in the next panel you see a clock and that clock clearly states it is before afternoon (11.50). Unless it is before midnight, but that would make it night. And since she is clearly talking about them not sleeping, it should be the AM time.

I did finish this, but it was quite a drag to get through this one. Seriously, so disappointed at the moment, this one was one of my OMG MUST READ Netgalley books, and then I find out I should have just let it stayed at a thought and not have clicked the Read Now button. 🙁 1star

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