Review for Takeo-chan Bukkairoku Vol.1

Review for Takeo-chan Bukkairoku Vol.1

30025491This was quite a fun manga! Will be sure to check out the other volumes if I can. 😀

So once again I was on the lookout for a new manga to read and enjoy, and then I found this one. I was at first attracted to the weird, but interesting art style. And then the story and the characters were also so much fun that I just loved them and wanted to know more about them.

Meet Takeo. Our main girl and a girl who is full of bad luck due to a curse. Now I hear you ask, bad luck isn’t that bad? Well, in this girl’s case it is. It may cause her death one day. Things like big lamps in the gym of the school fall down, or when she is outside and walks next to a construction site beams and stuff may fall down. And then there are the other things, falling in pits, being pooped on by birds, but also causing others who are near to fall into her bad luck and also being in danger.
This girl, when she goes out, wears a helmet and several other safety stuff.
You can imagine her life isn’t easy, even when she moves out of her parents place and goes to live in Tokyo her life isn’t easy. But that is changing when she finds a new place to live and finds out there are youkai living there.

At first I didn’t like the idea of youkai, and a whole house of them, but later, when I saw what they were doing for Takeo (or is it more because of the dark energy that comes out of her) I started liking them. They really do their best to make Takeo’s life better.
And it was so much fun to see Takeo change, to see her become more happy, to see her experience happiness. To see her have friends. I just was so happy for this girl. She definitely deserves it.
Though I am quite curious as to what caused this curse/bad luck. There must have been something that happened when she was younger, and I do hope that this will be told later in the story. And I also hope that it is something that might be fixable. Even if Takeo is happier, she still needs to stick close to the youkai (and especially the landlord) if she wants to attain this happiness. And that might mean she can never leave. 🙁 So I am just hoping there is a cure, or that what the youkai are doing for her is causing the curse to be lifted in the end. crosses fingers

Takeo is definitely a great character, even with all the bad luck, and all the tears in her life, she still stays herself, and even kicks ass with all the youkai (who did a lot of tricks, and still are doing some tricks).

The art is a bit funky and weird, but I have to say it is also pretty awesome and great.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, yes I would!


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