Review for The Gruffalo

Review for The Gruffalo

21268287While the blurb was pretty clear on what happens, I was still expecting more when that blurb part was over.

Sadly, it just turned out to be really boring and bland. I was hoping the mouse would do something fun with our Gruffalo, or that the name-sake of this book would have a bit more of a spotlight than he had in this book. He is just there, does some stuff, and then disappears. Wow. 😐 You can better call it something different then. Something like Stupid Mouse Makes Stupid Decisions.

I am quite sad, I heard a lot about the Gruffalo book, lots of people seem to love it, but I just couldn’t like this one.

Maybe there can be another book, this time about the Gruffalo and it will tells about a day in the Gruffalo life. I would definitely love that more than a book about a mouse trying to smart his way out of things and then just casually go on with life.

The art was pretty good though, that really saved the book from the 1 star.

All in all though, this was a big disappointment. 😐


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