Review for The Three Little Witches Storybook

Review for The Three Little Witches Storybook

396898I spotted this one, and when opening it I saw the cute art style, and just knew I had to read this one. This won’t be a very long review, I just want to write down my thoughts about it.

This one is about Zara, Ziggy and Zoe. 3 little witch girls who live in a magical place. This book tells us seven stories about these girls and their preparations for Halloween. It also shows us a peek in their daily life, and also a school day (which is a lot more interesting than one might think, as the school tends to just walk around whenever it wants, so you never know where it might end up the day you have to go to school).

It was truly a delight to see these 3 girls live their lives, have fun, and learn a lot of new magics (and of course also fail at times with magic, causing a whirlwind to go through a room, and other things). The Halloween party and the preparations were fun, I also liked that they picked Melissa to be invited as well (even though they almost didn’t).

I wonder if there are any more books about these 3 witches, because I would sure like to read more stories about these girls. I also would like to know more about them. Who are their parents? Why aren’t they living with them?

The art is also really fun, and I love the style. It fits the book perfectly. It is also really colourful and sweet.

Would I recommend this one? Oh yes, I would!


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