What I Hope To Read May 2016

What I Hope To Read May 2016

Hello everyone!

Wow, it is already almost May, where does the time go? Not that you can really tell it is almost Summer, or even Spring, because it is cold here, and some parts of my country even have had snow in the past few days. Which, well, can happen, but is very rare.

But enough about the weather, lets talk books!

This month I don’t have a lot of pre-orders, but I got at least 2 that I am dying to get into my hands (a new Morgan Matson book, and the second book in the Grimbaud series). The Dutch books that I list aren’t pre-ordered (because pre-ordering them is such a hassle), but I will put them under that pre-order tag as they will be bought as soon as they come out.

Then I got all the books that I just hope to be able to read, and there are some books in that list that I just need to read now. So I got a whole month to look forward to with great books.





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