Hardcover Surprises ~ The Unexpected Everything

Hardcover Surprises ~ The Unexpected Everything

Hiya everyone!

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Yeah, I have had a few hardcovers, and I am currently reading the new Morgan Matson, of course I just had to get the hardcover because I still remembered her last book also had a fantastic surprise on the jacket, and I just wanted to know if this one also had it.

Given I am making this post, I guess you all can think what the answer is. 😀 Yep, this one also has a gorgeous jacket. A beautiful outside, but a fun, lovely inside as well. Which I just want to share with you all.

Btw, on the book, so far it is awesome. I am taking it slowly (since I also have other books I want to read, and I just don’t want this one to end), but I am enjoying the ride (A LOT). Morgan Matson definitely is a fabulous writer.

Jacket (Outside)

Jacket (Inside)


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