Review for 8♀1♂ (Hachiichi) Vol.1+Vol.2

Review for 8♀1♂ (Hachiichi) Vol.1+Vol.2

This is a review for the first two volumes.17789225

A cute manga with quite a bit of ecchi (especially as the manga continues it seems) about a guy living with 8 girls out of which he has to pick one girl as his bride. It was quite fun seeing him get used to the situation, and it was interesting to see all the girls.

I was a bit worried about all the 8 girls and how they would get the spotlight, since I do want to get to know those girls. Especially considering a few of them aren’t my favourite (due to their attitude) but maybe if we get to know them more I would like them more.
So far that has happened for most of the girls, there are still girls we haven’t seen face to face, they are just in the background, but I think we will see them all soon.

I also like that all the girls are so different. Even their body proportions vary per girl and I just love that. It also doesn’t make it easier for our MC. I am just glad that the mangaka decided to have every girl different (and yet they are also kind of the same because of their age + the fact they are going to school).

While I do like Miyu, I do hope the mangaka will go for a surprise twist. Why do I think it is going to be Miyu? I don’t know, she seems the most normal out of all the girls, and you can see that our MC has taken a liking to her. So I do really hope that we will get another girl that will take the bride card. Or maybe even more fun, none of them and there is a surprise 9th girl. 😀

The first volume was a bit ecchi, but wow, the second one really takes the cake, and I am not entirely sure if I want to continue. There were 2 scenes especially that were OMG what?, and 1 of them really was steamy. I think the biggest problem I have with those scenes it is that they are for different girls. Yes, you read that right. 1 very steamy, and 1 slightly steamy scene for 2 different girls. Sure, the guy has to pick, and there are 8 girls, but does it really need to escalate like this? I am also wondering about that place, do they not wear bras there?
Also the chapter pages are really really getting more and more borderline.

In the second volume we also meet our MC’s brother, and boy, I disliked that guy so much. The way he acted, the way he just did that, bah. 😐 But it seems he is also in the same situation as our MC. He also has to pick out of x number of girls.

The art is still lovely though. I love how stuff is drawn, though I hate how the clothes are drawn. I cannot imagine that anyone could clean the house in those puffy outfits. You would just knock everything over in your path.

All in all, I am still wondering if I should continue this manga. Maybe I will, but maybe I won’t. The ecchi is just too much. Other than that it is a good manga with fun moments (and also some romantic ones).


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