Review for Andie Out Of Control

Review for Andie Out Of Control

385344This turned out way better than I had expected!

As those who read my review for the first book know, I was hesitant about this book because it was an Andie only book, and I just didn’t like this girl.
Now that I read this book, I can say that she still isn’t my favourite girl…. but, big BUT, she also showed another side, and I understand her better now. Sure, all that happens in her life is no excuse to be such a big bitch towards everyone, but I can see why she is acting like this.

Her mom and dad are divorced, her mom just left them alone and went to find herself (or something like that), her dad is never around (and is always commanding and pushing). I just felt sad for the girl, and I could imagine why she would rebel like she did. She just wants a dad (and a mom) who cares about her, who is interested in her.

I also loved seeing how she grew, how she found something to love, to care for, and to fight for.

We also see growth in other characters and I was delighted to see it. Mary Beth is so much more fun, and I love how eager she is now to learn about horses, and how hard she works to get good with horse-riding.
Lauren, well I am not sure about her. We do see her, but I don’t think she has a big presence in the books. Maybe we will see more of her in the next books (especially in the fourth book when she will be the main character).
Jina she is definitely my favourite girl, though she should relax a bit more. Stressing like that, when you are 11-year old, is just not healthy. And I don’t know why anyone would support that. I can imagine you want to win, but come on girl, you got all life to do that.

I just love the boarding school stuff, it sounds like a lot of work, but also so much fun. I wouldn’t have minded going to boarding school when I was a kid (not sure if we have them here, or at least like in books).

I loved the horse stuff, and I especially loved the new horse. I had a feeling that would be the case, or at least a simpler explanation. Of course, I won’t say what is wrong with the horse, you will have to find out yourself.
That poor horse though, I would also act like that when that was wrong and no one noticed. 🙁

Well, I will be sure to hunt the third book, hopefully I can find it, this series is so old.


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