Review for Chicken Nugget

Review for Chicken Nugget

25938431This was just not a good book for multiple reasons.

Going by the cover I was curious as to why a chicken would hold hands with a clearly visible fox, so I started reading and I immediately had a big dislike for the chicken.

Sorry, I get it your life sucks. You are tiny, you don’t get enough food, your family uses you as pillow, your family doesn’t see you for who you are, blablabla. He just kept complaining, and sure, his life might have been a bit unfair, but he had a loving family, a loving teacher.

But not only Nugget was annoying, the fox was too. Instead of laughing that people didn’t notice he was a fox, I was annoyed and wondered how the hell they didn’t notice. Hello, he is just wearing 1 beak and maybe a few feathers…. how can you not see this is a bad guy? I know there is this trope that is about this, it is called Paper-Thin Disguise. I just hate it when it gets used. Maybe kids don’t get it, or there is something else. But I just can’t get it. How did these chickens not get extinct if they are this stupid and let anyone who is wearing a beak in their house.

Of course you can guess the ending, I won’t spoil anything of course, but I didn’t like the ending it was too obvious, too magical.

Also what is up with the Chicken family’s names? Did they just want to get eaten or something?

The art was pretty decent.

Would I recommend this one? No. Unless you don’t mind that you can guess the ending + you don’t paper-thin disguises.


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