Review for Dotty Detective

Review for Dotty Detective

978-0008132491I was already excited for this book, but then I read it, and wow. Just wow!

This was just so much fun. A likeable character who is sweet, kind, friendly, and fun. I also loved that she loved puzzles and detective stuff. She even made her own detective agency with a new best friend (and the name for it was just brilliant).
And I do wonder what happened to all the clubs she signed up for. I was actually quite curious about how that one would end up, I mean, signing up for 6 or so clubs? Wow, dedication! I had actually hoped to see how she would juggle that one + homework + her family + her friends. I can’t imagine it ending right though. We do see her going to clubs, but apparently she can juggle all of it easily. Wow.

Of course we also have a mean girl sigh Seriously, I am so getting tired of this trope. I was just so annoyed with this girl and I just wanted to throw stuff at her head for being such a bitch. Bleh. And for such stupid reasons, but then again…. that is what mean girls are all about. Urgh!

I loved Amy, she was such a fun character, and I just admired her that even though she is totally afraid to stand on a stage she does it! Even if she needs a little help, she just does it. I was just cheering for this girl. Go Amy!

Beans was also a fun character, and I loved how he connected so well with Dot.

The dog was hilarious, and I loved the photograph/illustrations. I also loved the ending and what the dog did there! Go Go!

I also love how the book was formatted, how the book looked from the inside. It was just such a delight. Illustrations, maps, stickers, and so so much more. I just loved it. I could just imagine reading a diary (though that doesn’t feel all too well I have to say, but you get the idea). It was so chock-full of fun things I just flew through the book.

All in all, I can’t wait for the next book, I got it pre-ordered (as soon as I saw it at the end of this book). And I would highly recommend this book to everyone looking for a fun, cute, delightful book.


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