Review for Genshiken: Second Season Vol. 8

Review for Genshiken: Second Season Vol. 8

25615004A new volume, and new drama, and also we go beyond a border. This will be a short review.

Yes, Genshiken seeks its borders, we all know that. But I have to say what happened here went further than most borders, and was also a different border than what we have seen here. I won’t spoil anything (duh), but I was quite, well, surprised with what happened in this manga.

I really love this series, and I also like the direction it is taking now, however… I wish they would go back to the roots more. Back to the cosplay, back to the fun references (there are still a few, but they are more hidden), back to anime and games and manga. And not only go into Hato-chan’s female/male thing, or the whole harem thing, or the way that every girl is apparently in love with someone (and making it all quite complex). I just miss the old Genshiken.
Again, the new Genshiken is good, but it is just so different. Sure, there is still a lot of comedy, and I am still laughing, but it isn’t the same as the older stuff.

I actually felt sorry for Madarame. That poor guy, on the one hand he is happy with all the attention, but on the other hand he is confused, afraid.
I do hope we will see a conclusion to all this stuff soon, because I am not soon if I can watch any longer.

Then we have Hato, I do hope he will be making a good decision soon.

Sue is also getting a lot of attention, and I am quite happy to see that, though I would also love some background stuff about her. We still don’t know much about, only some hints here and there, and a lot of speculation.

I still love how the art has changed from the very first season, to now. It is amazing when artists grow and become even better artists.

All in all, I do hope there will be more comedy, and more anime/game/manga references and stuff about that those. Again, the manga is great and I loved reading this volume, but there are just a few things that I would like changed.


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