Review for Hare Kon Vol.1+Vol.2

Review for Hare Kon Vol.1+Vol.2

25421824This is a review for Volume 1 and Volume 2.

This was just absolutely amazing, and very interesting. Sure, sure, the MC was a bit annoying, but I can see her grow. I also love that this is a harem manga, but instead of being from the guy’s POV we have it from a girl’s. Of one of the girls in the harem. It really is an interesting take, and it gives a whole new perspective on the harem. You can see the problems that arise between the girls, you can see how they feel about the harem stuff, how they feel about the rules. It is just so interesting, and I think that is also what keeps me reading.

That and the art. The art is absolutely gorgeous, though I don’t really like how the guy is drawn. He looks like freaking L from Death Note. At times he looks quite hot, but often? I think he is just way too creepy. And I frankly can’t see why the girls are all swooning over him.
But the rest of the art, and how the girls are drawn, is absolutely wow. There are a lot of details, lots of beautiful facial expressions.

The first volume is mostly about our MC and how she returned to live with her parents again, then finds out about the debt and about our guy. The second volume is about her life with the guy and the other brides. The ecchi levels are also going up, the first was pretty tame, but the second one has a few steamy scenes.

I am really delighted with our guy though, he is quite nice actually. Sure he would love to have our MC, but he is taking it easy with her, not forcing or pressing her into doing stuff. He wants to do stuff with her when she is ready for it (and this doesn’t only mean sex, but also stuff like dating, kissing, etc.). And yes, he is a bit of a sexist, and also a bit of a perv. But for some reason that doesn’t bother me that much, as you can also see the other, nicer, side of him.

The girl however? She could reallllllly use some lessons in being kinder to people. Yes, your groom is a sexist, and yes he is a bit of a perv, but really girl does that mean you have to hit/kick/scream/shout at him all the time? That is just rude. Can’t you just talk normally with him about your problems, or how you feel about all of this.

Still I can see she is trying, and there is a bit of change from volume 1 to volume 2. I hope we will see her get softer, sweeter, kinder, and less shouty/violent. She does seem to be a nice girl underneath everything.

What more? Ah, yes, the other brides. I do like them. My favourite is bride #2, Madoka, who is a real sweet girl with hidden depths.

I can’t wait to see what will happen in the next volume, lucky I got some free time so I will be continuing with this series now.
If you are looking for a new take on the harem genre, and don’t mind some steamy scenes, then I would recommend this one.


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