Review for His Favorite Vol.2 + Vol.3

Review for His Favorite Vol.2 + Vol.3

8420654This is a combined review for Volume 2 and 3.

Awwww, the story just keeps on getting cuter and cuter, and volume 2 and 3 bring several new things to the mix. Volume 2 brought us a new couple (well that couple thing takes a bit, but you get the idea), and Volume 3 brought us a love rival.

While I love our main couple, I didn’t mind that we had another couple added to the mix. I love those two characters and it is so much fun to see them being together, and also to see them grow towards each other, becoming more trusting. I also loved that one of the two in that couple is changing so much. From a character that did all that, to a character who is truly caring about his boyfriend. I just love it when it happens, especially when it happens in a way that is realistic. The many times I have seen characters just change in a poof are too much, so I am really delighted to see it happen realistically.  I can’t wait to see more of this couple.

Volume 3 brought us a love rival, and while I normally HATE that kind of stuff (because it often brings unnecessary drama to the mix), the writer/mangaka sure did a fantastic job with this one. I wasn’t even frustrated, I wasn’t happy at first sure, but with the way the mangaka has made this love rival I can’t be unhappy for long. He is such a fun character (and so oblivious). Now I am just looking forward to the love rival as that means some really hilarious Satou getting pissed off action. 😀 (And Satou is so cute when he gets pissed off.)

Of course we also have our main couple, and boy do I love those two so much. Satou, our sadistic (but sweet and caring) popular boy who is still hunted down by all the girls (which is just so over-the-top silly), and Yoshida, our sweet, but derpy character who gets in trouble A LOT because of Satou telling the girls that he is with Yoshida and thus can’t be with them.
Their relationship is growing and I was just squeeing and swooning during the times that they got really romantic and love-dovey. They truly have a great chemistry together.
I also am happy to see that Yoshida is finally becoming more true to his feelings about Satou, we even see him engage in stuff, which is normally more Satou’s forte.

There was just one big thing I didn’t like from the second volume, and something I do hope we don’t get that much now, and that was the short stories with different characters at the end. You only had like 3 chapters for our main couple, and then bang, 2 long chapters about some random couple. I didn’t even like the couple. It was a weird and vague story, and I didn’t really have a clue what it was about.
I just kind of dragged myself through those parts, so I am hoping there won’t be more.

I love the art, though again, as I said in my first volume review, I just think it is silly that Yoshida (and his friends) look SO totally different from everyone else. I can imagine some changes to make them stand out, but this much? It just doesn’t match.

All in all, I really enjoyed these 2 volumes and I will be sure to check out the others because I really want to know how the relationship between our main couple goes (hopefully we will get some more kissing scenes) and of course I am also curious about the second couple.

I would highly recommend this manga. It is funny, over-the-top, sweet, and much more.


This is for the total of the two books. Volume 2 = 4 stars. Volume 3 = 5 stars.

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