Review for Izzy the Invisible

Review for Izzy the Invisible

27809558This was just even more adorable than I thought it would be.

Say hello to Izzy, a little girl who is quite clumsy (really, she is, she doesn’t even do it on purpose, she just wants to be nice and then bumps stuff over). And thanks to that clumsiness she is now invisible… well, if she drops the parrot or its feather. I really liked that catch to the invisibleness. Instead of having her just be invisible she is now stuck to a parrot (a really fun parrot, more on that in a bit) or its feather. It gave the invisibility a new twist, as she needed to have those 2 near her or she would be invisible for good.
I was also happy to see her use the invisibility for mostly good use. Only once did she really abuse it. It is a delight to have a kid use this power like this, I was already worried she might abuse it or do things with it that weren’t nice. Luckily, she didn’t. Izzy is a nice girl.

I was a bit worried about the parrot. I have read several stories with parrots as pets, but from what I remember they were mostly annoying, frustrating, and I just wanted to fry them. Not Perky however. Perky was an amazing addition, and I just loved all he did for Izzy.
He was fun, and I loved Izzy and Perky’s bond, they just matched so well. They were truly best friends.

I loved the granny, she was just amazing. Though I did feel a bit sorry for her pets.

I didn’t like the old lady next door however. Sorry to hear that vandals ruined stuff for you, but is that a way to treat everyone in your neighbourhood? To act like that to every kid? That is just rude and mean. Bah. 😐

I loved the relationship between sisters. A bit rocky, but that ending, it just made me a bit teary-eyed.

There are also illustrations, and well I just loved them. They were fun, interesting, and I just love how the characters were drawn and how well they fitted (this might sound strange, I mean that they fit with how I would see the characters based on the story/description).

I loved the ending, it was a nice one, and I laughed at what happened there. 🙂

All in all this is a book I would highly recommend to everyone!


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