Review for Kyou no Yuiko-san Vol.2

Review for Kyou no Yuiko-san Vol.2

978-4063878769Yes, I thought I would try another volume of this series. I am not sure why though, the main girl is sooooo tsundere.

I don’t mind a bit of tsundere, at times it is quite cute when a girl acts like this, but this girl? It just makes me annoyed with how she treats her boyfriend. Because why would you ask something normally if you can ask it in a demanding, mean way. And then flip it over and have her act all pissy and embarrassed about stuff. It gets a bit old and boring.
However, I do see Yuiko change. She is still tsundere to the max, but she does her best to be sweet towards her boyfriend Tomoya. And she does try to do more daring things (or at least daring for her) like wearing her swimsuit, or doing a bon dance (even if it meant she was hiding her face). And I loved that. I loved seeing her change, see her really invest in the relationship, even if she was embarrassed by stuff.

You can also see her change in regards to friends. She is getting to be more open about stuff. Sure it takes a lot, but you see her try and you see her being happy that she decided to go with them. Or participate in something they did.

I am amazed at Tomoya’s patience. I am not sure if anyone last this long with such a girlfriend. Sure, Yuiko is quite sweet, but she is also so unpredictable. So I am happy that he is in love so much that he is giving her a chance to do things, to be herself.

We also learn more about Yuiko’s sister. Which was a nice addition to the story.

But yeah, Yuiko will need to change more before I really like her. That is also one of the reasons I haven’t rated this volume so high. She changes, but her tsundere attitude does get old and annoying.
Also the art at times isn’t that good (especially the eyes), so it also loses a bit on that part.

Will I be reading the rest of this series? I am not sure yet. Maybe I will. I am quite curious if Yuiko will drop the tsundere crap some more.


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