Review for Love Song

Review for Love Song

27396059It took me long to read this, mostly because there were other things (books and games) in my life that needed my attention. But now I finished it and it was AMAZING! <3

I just love books about bands, boybands or girlbands, about touring, about concerts. It is just so much fun, especially when done from the perspective from someone who isn’t on the band.

Our main girl gets the chance to tour with the hottest band out there in her world. The Point. This thanks to some accident that happened in which she kept her cool and helped out. She can now assistant a bitchy diva who is engaged to the lead singer.

Nina was just brilliant, I loved her level-headedness and how she never let herself be distracted. It was also fun that she wasn’t a fan of the band, that really gave the book extra dimension. All the others girls were just screaming, shouting, squealing, and all other things, but not this girl. In fact she was mostly not even impressed with the band. I loved seeing how her opinions changed, and how she grew in this book. Not only in regards to the band, but also her life and other things.

Her family was really fun, and I also loved Nina’s best friend.

I really really hated Sigrid. Dear Lord, that girl was just horrendous, bad, disgusting, and she only did things for her own gain. She never really cared about anyone it seems. Maybe she did a bit about Jamie, but even that I doubt highly. At first she seems pretty OK, but I already quickly could see that this was just a side of her that she showed to the public, in actuality she was demanding and bitchy.
The things she did in this book, and how she hurt Nina, bah, I just wanted to erase her from the story.

That was actually my only hate part of the book. That character. All the others? Even Jamie (because in the beginning he was a bit annoying) were all just absolutely lovely. They all had their problems, and backstories, and much much more and that made them real, that made them fun, that made them interesting, and I just wanted to know more and more about them.

I knew about the love interest from the get-go, it was just so obvious, but I loved how the author wrote about it, and how she didn’t make it the main focus of the story. It was important, it was there, but it wasn’t taking over the plot. Thankfully, because that left a lot of room for other fun things. Like touring, and music, and friendship.

The book is kind of split in two parts. The first part with Sigrid, and then the second part with the band in the middle of nowhere. I loved both parts. The first part because of the touring, because of the drama. The second part because it brought us so much closer to the guys and also our MC, and gave us an amazing, fabulous, swoon-worthy, sweet, wonderful ending.

I laughed, I cried, I cheered, this book really made me feel a lot of things, and I loved it.

I would highly recommend this book to everyone!


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