Review for Lucinda Belinda Melinda McCool

Review for Lucinda Belinda Melinda McCool

26046323Nothing against Tony Ross, but for some reasons the books with his illustrations are the ones I absolute hate/dislike. It is not the art that is bad, I actually quite like his art, but the stories are horrible. They often have terrible, disgusting characters (or side-characters), and often the stories are way over-the-top and way too weird.

This one is also one like that. It is about a girl who is all about fashion and will belittle, berate, criticize, bully anyone in fitting in her standard of fashion. She will do anything to make sure everyone fits her image of fashion/perfection, she won’t shy away, and well, I actually thought she was just a giant bitch. Sorry, I am all for someone who is happy to help out, or share tips, but this girl just pushed them into people’s faces, and she even forced them to change, often even doing the change herself even if the person didn’t want to.
I really detested the girl.

I was delighted with ending though, oh no, I won’t spoil it, but that ending, it was just pure brilliance (though a bit shocking) and I just loved, adored it. I know it is wrong, considering what happens, but sorry after all the girl did? I don’t feel much sympathy for her.

The art was typical Tony Ross, you can easily spot it anywhere. It is a fun style that reminds me of other styles. I just wish I could find it in books I would like. 🙁 And not constantly see the name Tony Ross and then totally hate the story and the characters in it.

All in all, the art and the ending really saved the book from getting a 0 or 0.5 star. I wouldn’t recommend this one to anyone. There are better books about fashion with better characters.


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