Review for Off Course

Review for Off Course

73800This wasn’t the best book in the series (both book 1 and 2 were 4.5 stars).

This mostly had to do with Kate. Kate truly ruined the book for me. Why? Well let me list the reasons:
-The way she treated Fitz. He was so sweet to her, he did his best to make her happy, and all she did was be an ungrateful bitch. She constantly complained about him, about how he wouldn’t let her do her work (because gee, girl, maybe he cares about you and worries that you might overwork, and come on, what is so wrong with taking off a few hours in the morning instead of working from 6am).
And not only that, OH DEAR LORD if Fitz did so much as touch her, or try to kiss her. She would instantly pull back, and practically look at Fitz as if he was a rapist. She even locked the door when she was staying with him (in a separate room, because Fitz is so nice). Why did she lock it? Because they started kissing and of course kissing leads to more, and she immediately overreacted.
I do wonder, did she have a bad past of sexual stuff? There are no hints to it, but it does seem like it a bit.
Also I hated how she judged Fitz and his past with other girls. He is doing his best, and all she is thinking about is how much girls he went by. Not even caring that Fitz is truly showing he cares about her, and only her now. Give the guy some love girl, or just move off.
-Her overworking. Really, that girl is just so stuck in work, and doesn’t care that even Jamie thinks she is doing it too much. She is just a working student, she doesn’t need to be around 24/7/365. Even Jamie thinks this, as he has banned her during some days.
But oh no, this girl only thinks of working.
-The eating and how she reacting when her friends were worried.
You barely eat, you move around your food instead of eating it, you lose weight, you are practically underweight (if I have to believe the descriptions, which I do). But oh NO, if someone who is you friend tries to help you out. Tries to make you eat. You will immediately overreact and act like a total bitch. Bah. Ungrateful urgh…
*And yes I know her home situation isn’t the easiest, she is having a bad time there, and tries to run away from it. But that doesn’t excuse her from the crap she pulls in this book (and also the previous one).

Phew, that feels better.

Now we still have Tommie, who I normally love, but who I didn’t like that much in this book. OMG your boyfriend (or something like that) fails on his DJ thing, and doesn’t even notice. Immediately you are embarrassed about him and you go on to other guys, ignoring your guy, not talking to him, and then you do that when you finally see him. Bah, this is not how you treat a guy.
It is just not nice. It is just not kind. How would you feel if he did that kind of stuff to you?
But I was also happy for her and her horse. I can’t wait to see how this thing will continue in the next book.

Zara was actually the one I quite liked in this book, sure I am still annoyed with how she treats her horses (not riding them and leaving it to others) or her boys (discarding them left and right), but for some reason her POV was way more fun this time. I was also interested in seeing how she would solve that Stacie situation, and loved how she tried not to make anyone find out. 😀

There are also enough horse parts, and those I truly loved. I just wish there were more of it. These guys are like the A circuit, the juniors, yet I barely see them win or participate. I don’t even have the feeling they always take training seriously.

So this book is full of drama, full of horses, and boy trouble. It was quite interesting, but I was just so frustrated with Kate that I couldn’t enjoy it fully.

I do hope the next book is better. I will be sad when the series is over though, but I guess I can start another horse series then (or continue with the ones I still need to finish). 🙂


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