Review for Orion and the Dark

Review for Orion and the Dark

22052900A fun, cute, beautifully illustrated picture book.

I read this one in Dutch, but I will be writing my review in English. 🙂

This book is perfect for kids who are afraid of the dark. It shows (through lots of fun events) that there is nothing scary about the dark. He is just a nice fellow, and all those sounds you hear at night? All perfectly explainable if you would just have good friend next to you who will guide you.

I really loved Orion, though he sure is afraid of A LOT of things. Not only things that are logical (like wasps), but also things like girls (girls aren’t scary, we don’t bite… well mostly :P). But his biggest fear was the Dark. I just adored it when he went up his bed and just screamed at the Dark. And what happens next just made me laugh and squee.

The events following that night? I just loved them, and I loved how Orion had grown. I hope he and the Dark will have a lot of adventures together. And that Orion won’t be afraid of the dark any more.

The book is deliciously illustrated, with big page wide illustrations, but also countless littler ones. Or things like maps, or other stuff. I was just lost in all the wonderful illustrations, this illustrator sure knows how to draw epically with lots of little details and fun things.

Would I recommend this book? Yes! Definitely yes! Gorgeous illustrations, fun story, likeable characters and more!


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