Review for P to JK Vol.1

Review for P to JK Vol.1

978-4063418545This was a fun manga, though the timeline in it was just highly unrealistic.

Kako meets her soulmate (at least that is how I would see it based on the interactions in this manga) Kouta during a party for adults (lonnnnng story). They have chemistry but there is this age gap of 6/7 years (Kako is 16, Kouta is 22/23), you can imagine how this goes. Especially since Kouta is a police officer.

There are a lot of bumps in the road, and she almost gives up, but well, you will have to read to find out what happens. 😀

I just found it highly unlikely how the relationship/interactions between the characters went. In 3 chapters we went from one thing to something that is on the highest mountain tops and I was just laughing (of course I was also happy with how it turned out) and shaking my head. I would have loved to see a bit longer time span before we hit the event in chapter 3. But I guess now we got hurdles out of the way and the story can truly start.

I loved Kako’s best friend, she was just so much fun, and I loved how supportive she was of her best friend.

The mom was just brilliant, especially during one scene and what she said there, I was just laughing out loud.

The art is pretty great, I really love how Kouta is drawn and I also love the expressions on all of the characters. They are just so much fun.

Would I recommend this one? Yes! And I also will be sure to check out the rest of the series because I am quite curious to see how it will go now that certain events happened.


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