Review for Rutabaga the Adventure Chef Book 2: Feasts of Fury

Review for Rutabaga the Adventure Chef Book 2: Feasts of Fury

26240653The second book in this series, and while I did love it, I think I like the first book more.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the adventures of Rutabaga, I love the puns, the silliness. But Rutabaga is getting on my nerves at times. He is too naive, too trusting, too easily swayed, and it is just gets on my nerves. He believes anything, and he can’t see he is doing something wrong. It is how this character works, and we also saw it happening in the first book, but back then it didn’t stand out that much, now it did. I was just rolling my eyes constantly at the stupidity of Rutabaga.

The adventures were pretty fun, and I had fun following Rutabaga on his journey, though he should really learn not to just jump people (even if it is just to say hi). He got hurt once, and almost hurt the second time. 🙂
We have a whole new cast of people that Rutabaga encounters. Gubblins, theatre troupes, a princess, and a whole slew of other characters. I didn’t always like them (but then again I am sure I am not supposed to feel sorry for the Gubblins).
We also meet with old friends, and it was such a delight to see them again.

We also got new recipes, and while I wouldn’t want to eat them (due to some of the ingredients) they do look quite pretty and easy to make. I like that the author included a how-Rutabaga-makes-stuff thing. It is much more fun than that food is just magically done. Now you can actually see the process.

Pot is really the hero in this book. I already liked the little guy in the previous book, but he really took the spotlight in this one. Saving the day, but also showing he really cares about Rutabaga. 😀

The art is still magnificent, and you will really be pulled into the worlds that this author draws for you.

I also have to say I laughed (and not only me, but also my boyfriend) at the punny title. Feasts of Fury.

All in all, this is definitely a series I would recommend, and I will be hoping that there will be a book 3 coming someday.


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