Review for Secrets of the Time Tablets

Review for Secrets of the Time Tablets

Cg-1-NeW4AA-d2fThe third book in this series is here! And boy, it sure was action-packed and it had a lot of moments for me to go squee or to scream NOOOOOOO!

We get right in on the action, stepping in from the last time. I love it when books do this and not waste a moment to rehash stuff. Sure, I had to get into the story again, refigure out the characters, but that was a quick switch.

Then we have exciting moments as our crew lands on a new planet and try to find the tablets they need. That Cleopatra needs, since she still wants to go back home, but she is also conflicted. She made friends here, and she can’t just leave them. Not when they still need her.
Back to tablet-hunting, it was great fun (and also exciting) to see them hunt for the tablets, and meet an old “friend”. Sorry, I wouldn’t really call him a friend after all the poo he did.

We switch back to our other party and see what they are up to. Frankly, I had a suspicion that character was doing that and this. Seeing it confirmed made me sad, but also squee that I was right.

The last parts were really awesome, with a lot of things happening that will make you feel sad, that will make you feel angry. Yes, enter the feels.
I now know that Mike Maihack sure isn’t afraid of doing that kind of thing. Not many authors can do that, but Mike Maihack apparently can.

We also get some backstory on one of the characters, I love that it was added.

I felt sad for what truths were hidden from Cleopatra. Yes, I can imagine why they decided to keep quiet, but I wish they would just have been honest. As you can see, she will find out eventually. Either by her own, or through others.

I loved all the characters… OK, OK. With the exception of that cat. He is so arrogant, so annoying, so frustrating. My favourite character is Akila. She is just so awesome, she is so nice, she tries her best.

The art is still amazing, and I just love the colours used! The art will sure drag you into the story and you can just imagine yourself in the places our characters go to.

All in all, I can’t wait for the 4th book.


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