Review for The Wiener Strikes Back

Review for The Wiener Strikes Back

galactic-hot-dogs-2-9781481424967_hrA new Galactic Hot Dogs book is here, and boy it was packed with fun, adventure, action, circus, and also backstory!

If there was one thing I definitely didn’t like it would be the cover. It is a gorgeous cover, and I absolutely love it, BUT I have the first book in the old cover mode… which means I now have two mismatched books in one series, and if there is one thing that I don’t like it is when covers change in a series. I don’t care if at the end you want to redesign stuff, but please not after book 1.

Now for the book itself. It was a delight to see all the characters again, I had to get into the book though, so it took me a few pages to get all the characters in the right slots again, and to remember what and who they are. But after that? Easypeasy and I just flew through this book.
I was delighted that we see a bit of Cosmoe’s backstory, it was a very sad story though, that poor kid. 🙁
I loved that we found out a new power (or should I say talent) for Cosmoe. Even he didn’t expect it, though when we learn his past we can see where and how he got that talent.

The circus is the main theme in this book, and I really loved how it was done, and how you knew from the start something sinister was happening under that cover of happy-go-lucky. And finding out what was wrong? It was a delight. Of course who the true mastermind was after I determined something was wrong was easy. Who else could it be?

I loved Princess Dagger, she is such a fun character, and I just love how she carries around a list and is trying to do everything on it. She is also really kick-ass and does some amazing fun things.

Humphree is also a really fun character and I just love how dedicated he is to Cosmoe.

Of course there are also hot dogs, monsters, and much much more in this book.

I still love the format of the book, it is such a playful and fun way to tell a story. And the art is really great and just fits perfectly.

And yay for puns in the book title. 😀

All in all, this was a delight and I can’t wait for the next book to come out. I would really recommend this series to everyone who is in need for a fun series with great characters and lots of space adventures.


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