Review for The Wild Robot

Review for The Wild Robot

26030734When I heard about this book I just knew I had to get it. And so I did, it took me a bit longer to finally read it (so much other books I want to read). Wow, this was just a stunning, gorgeous book.

This review won’t be long, I want everyone to find out about Roz on their own for most. So I will just keep it general.

The book starts with a storm, a hurricane, a robot who survives the hurricane and strands in her crate on a tiny island. This book follows the robot through a year on this island. I really loved to see Roz change, to see her become less robot, to see her become more kind, more filled with emotions. It was such a delight. Especially when you add the changing of the seasons to this mix. You see the island change, you see how Roz is living in each season, how she is adapting. And you also see the island change, the animals grow, and go on with their life.

We have various new characters that pop up, but my favourite would be Brightbill. He was just so adorable, so sweet, and it was fun to see him grow from tiny to adult.

The story was really beautiful, and I just couldn’t stop reading. I just wanted to know how it would continue.

The story is also accompanied by beautiful illustrations which truly made the story come to life even more.

The ending was heartbreaking, gorgeous, though I do wish they added an epilogue to it. It would have made the book even more awesome and it would give me the conclusion that I miss now.

Still I would give this book a 5+ star because it just deserves that so much. It is a gorgeous, stunning, heartbreaking, beautiful book and I would highly recommend it to everyone!


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