Review for Tone Deaf

Review for Tone Deaf

9781634507073_deadbThis was amazing, heartbreaking, beautiful. <3 <3

This book is done from a Dual POV, which is just perfection. I don’t think I would have liked Jace so much if I hadn’t seen the story being told from his POV, or to see his past being told from his POV. But with the changing POV between Ali and Jace I could understand them both. I could see why Ali was so hesitant about stuff, I could see what happened to Jace (even though it took him quite a while to tell everything to Ali) and why he was such a dickhead for a lot of the book (because, sorry, while he is quite nice and his heart is in the right place, he was still quite rude/mean/grumpy).

Ali was just an amazing character, and I felt so sorry for her. Her life hasn’t been easy since that brain tumor destroyed her hearing, and not only that, it threw her whole world into a mixer and the outcome wasn’t a sweet strawberry milkshake, oh no, it was bitter, and harsh. With an abusive father who apparently could get away with a lot of things because he was a (retired) policeman.
I can imagine that she would want to run away when she was offered the chance. If I was in her shoes, I would have done the same thing. Take any chance, any chance at all to run away from all the pain, from all the fear.
Of course it isn’t that easy to just run away from a father like that, and we see the consequences as the story unfolds. I won’t say much more about what consequences, though I think people can guess what would happen if you have one father who is determined to get his daughter back.
I loved seeing Ali grow, to get out of her shell, see her laugh, and enjoy her life, see her find love, see her be happy, and also reconnect with that which she lost so many years ago (which totally made me cry, because I was just so darn happy for the girl).
I also loved how she was with Jace, and how, even though he wasn’t the happiest, cuddliest guy in the world, she told him about herself, she helped him out, she was there for him. She was so sweet and kind, even when he wasn’t all that, especially in the beginning.

Because yes, Jace is also changing. He starts out as a big prick (sorry, that was my first impression when Ali meets him), but then you see him from the inside. You see him hurting, you see him being angry at the world for what happened to him, you see him having another side, as he can understand what Ali is going through. He was so utterly sweet to this girl, he tried everything for her, he was there when she was crying, he was there when she needed someone. It was just so sweet.
His backstory was (just like Ali) heartbreaking, and I loved how he slowly opened his heart to Ali.

The tour and the band were just all so much fun. Of course Ali couldn’t get out, but that didn’t matter, it didn’t matter to me that the book took mostly place in the RV. It was still very interesting, very fun, and I just loved how Ali connected with the guys of the band. At first at least 2 of them were a bit hesitant, but well, I won’t spoil anything. 🙂

Ali and Jace together was just so lovely, and I just loved how they connected together. How they each could understand each other, because they both had a rough past, they both didn’t have easy lives. It also felt completely natural with what happens to the both of them. It didn’t feel rushed (as I sometimes have with books) instead it felt just perfect, and I was delighted. They both deserved it.

The ending was real exciting, I was just so scared for Ali, and then so happy when certain events happened. Yay!

I loved that we also got an extra chapter at the end to show us what happened after all this, after the events of the book. It just caused me to squeal and fangirl. 🙂

The only thing that confused me at first, was that Ali was switching between sign language and talking. Luckily the author clearly showed when it switched between those two. Making sign language words cursive, and the talking just as the rest of the book. And also after a while I didn’t even notice it any more and just read on.

Well I think I have spoken about most of the book, and my thoughts on it. I really loved the characters, their bond, how they grew to be better and better, and the ending. The band, the tour, the music, also all love.

I would highly recommend this book to everyone. It is sweet, it is heartbreaking, it is beautiful, it is haunting. You should read this!


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