Review for Weekends with Max and His Dad

Review for Weekends with Max and His Dad

25897915This was a delightful little book about a boy and his weekends with his dad.

This book features 3 weekends with Max and his dad. From the first, a bit awkward, weekend where Max goes to his dad’s new apartment, to a later weekend where his best friend also comes over for a sleepover. Each weekend has several chapters and a really fun story.

The first weekend was definitely awkward, not only for Max, but also for his dad. The house is still pretty new, there are still boxes everywhere, his dad is still feeling a bit strange about everything as well, but he is trying hard to make everything fun for Max. He really loved that. He did everything for Max, even wearing a disguise, and playing along with the spy game.

And poor Max, still not feeling all to happy about the fact his parents aren’t together, but like his dad he is doing his best. I loved how at first he was a bit dishonest, but later he had the guts to be honest towards his dad (even if it was done through a bit of pretend play).

I just loved each of the weekends, and while I loved that we only saw those weekends, I also wouldn’t have minded seeing a bit of the mom.

I also loved seeing Dad’s house getting more and more decorated, and more and more homely. And how the Dad also involved Max to help him out with the decorating.

Their are also several side-characters, and they really made the story even more awesome, and more real. I especially loved the older lady and her dogs. She was so much fun, and especially in the later story where she helps out Max and his friend with their quest. 😀

There is also illustrations spread through the book, and they were just perfect! I love the style, and they just made the story even more fun, more interesting.

I would highly recommend this book to everyone. It is funny, but it also shows a different side to the divorce (since often books focus either on the divorce, or show both sides, this one shows a little boy and his dad and how his dad is trying to make a life for himself).


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