Review for Wolfish Stew

Review for Wolfish Stew

978-1408844953This will be a short review for a cute book.

Spotted this one at my bookstore (still magical they had it because it is a) not out according to sites, and b) it is an English book).

I am so happy I had a chance to read this one, because it was quite funny and hilarious. While the bunny is quite the main character, I also see the wolf as the main character. He also gets the spotlight in some pages.

It reminded me a bit of Road Runner. The wolf having all the wonderful plans, ideas, and he is always failing and doing stupid stuff.

I liked how the story went. How it climbed up to a certain point, and then, boom ending!

I liked to search for the wolf, and see where he was hiding (though the text often spoiled it already, it was still fun)

And that ending was just such a delight, I laughed so hard.

The art was really nice. I love the style of it, it looks so simple, but then there are so many details and colours.

All in all, I would recommend this one!


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