Amaama to Inazuma Vol.1

Amaama to Inazuma Vol.1

51rPxzQ9PcLThis manga is getting an anime, so I thought I would check it out if the story (and the characters) were any good before the anime is starting.

And it was quite good, a bit boring, a bit bland, but still fun. Though I do worry about which route the story will be taking. What is the worry? In the beginning Kotori is just a friend, a student of our MC, but as the story progresses you see that change, at least for Kotori. And I am worried how this will end. The MC is a teacher, she is his student, I wouldn’t want to have a romance in this manga, it would complicate the easy-going story with unnecessary problems.

I was also a bit worried about the kid, I have read several manga with kids and often I am just annoyed to death because the kids just don’t seem to get basic manners, or they are just plain annoying.
Thankfully Tsumugi is a sweet kid who cares a lot about her father, she misses her mother (which just pulls my heartstrings so much whenever she says the word Mommy). She also loves food, and it was just so much fun to see her enjoy her (and also Kotori’s) food.

This book is a bit like Usagi Drop (though without all the drama) and one of those food anime (like Koufuku Graffiti). The focus switches between caring for Tsumugi and making lots of delicious looking foods. The chapters end with a recipe, which is so much fun as this way you can participate/make your own food as well.

The art is really gorgeous, I just love all the details, I love how the characters are drawn, and then that food. Dayum. <3

I am not sure if I will continue the manga, but I will certainly check out the anime. I can’t wait to see this animated. Hopefully they will do it right.


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