Review for Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake Card Wars

Review for Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake Card Wars

5187334-01I am still not all too familiar with the world of Adventure Time, but this one looked really fun, and I wanted to try it out!

I see, well saw (it seems to have died down a bit), quite a lot of images float around the internet about it, especially Twitter. So far I have tried 2 other graphic novels/comics about this series, 1 I liked, the other I hated. So you can imagine I was a bit worried about this one. Would I like the characters in this one? Or would this one be like the one I hated?

Then I started reading and I couldn’t stop until I had finished it all. It was exciting, it had great characters (well Cake was a bit too obnoxious for my liking), I loved the card game (but then again, I always love stuff about card games) (and this one sure was magically awesome with all the cards gaining life), there were some twists and turns. There was friendship, magic, and more.

Fionna was definitely my favourite character. She is just such a good friend, even when Cake starts to lose herself in the game Fionna did her best to do anything she could for her friend. From cheering her up, to bringing favourite food, to making a special something. I also loved the way Fionna was drawn, she just looked so much fun. And she was totally sweet and friendly. I wouldn’t have minded if the whole book was about her, instead of switching between her and Cake.

Also, maybe I am the only one, but I thought Cake was a guy. And then suddenly someone said she/her to Cake, and I was like, wait what???? Sorry, Cake just felt like a guy so much. The way she acted, the way she did stuff.

I loved the ending and what happened there. I hadn’t expected that person to be the master of all. Then again, it did fit perfectly and I loved reactions of the characters to the revelation.

The illustrations are top-notch and absolutely gorgeous to look at. And super-colourful too! I especially loved Fionna’s and that Prince’s designs.

I also love the ending illustration collection. It was definitely a nice bonus at the end of the story.

All in all, this is one graphic novel/comic that I liked, I hope there will be more Fionna and of course Cake too (even if she is obnoxious), because I want more stories about these characters and their world. I would also recommend this graphic novel/comic to everyone.


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