Review for Boku ni Natta Watashi Vol.1

Review for Boku ni Natta Watashi Vol.1

978-4091301291Well I expected something better than this one. Yes, it was good, well OK it had some lovely moments, but the pacing just sucked.

Not only that but the characters weren’t always the best. Our MC is quite an idiot, acts weird, and really who the hell can’t see that this is a girl 100%. Then we have the male character (the roommate and love interest, yes, love interest), who at first hates the girl, but then suddenly loves her and suddenly wants to protect her? Wait what? He met her when she was still with long hair, hated her (or at least it seemed so), then when she turns up at his school as boy he is still annoyed, then finds out about her being a girl (the girl) he suddenly likes her or something?

The mother was also a point of annoyance. Really, you act like this towards your daughter? You just corner her in your house and then cut off her hair and drag her off to an all-male school because your perfect little son didn’t get home and has run away? What the hell is wrong with you. It is clear who your favourite kid is. Definitely not the girl at least.

The pacing was already horrible, the secret is out in the first chapter, and by chapter 3 our MC is asking to be the sex slave of the male character + is instantly infatuated with him……
By chapter 4 it felt like they were practically married. Seriously, I believe all this just takes place in like a few weeks time, maybe even less. 😐

I also hate the love rival/rival.

I am not sure if I will continue with this one. On the one hand I want to know how the relationship will go, but on the other hand…. no thank you. Maybe when I have an off day I will be reading this one again.


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