Review for Dave Pigeon

Review for Dave Pigeon

29904416Short review for a fun book about two pigeons. It reminded me a bit of Pinky and the Brain. 🙂

I saw this one and just knew I had to try this one out. And I am glad I did. Sure, Dave was an enormously stupid pigeon, and I didn’t like his plans, but later on I started to like him a bit more. Skipper was truly my favourite though. The mean cat, well I just felt sorry for her. Sure, she was mean, but that is just nature’s instincts kicking in. Such a lovely bird, um McDonalds meal, how could she resist?

I loved how the book was written (the style), how it at times broke through the 4th wall, how you would have parts where Skipper and Dave were just talking, discussing plans, or how the story would continue. It made me laugh, I just love it when books do that.
I also loved how at times you would just have 3/4 pages with the same image of the pigeons trying to do something. 🙂

The story was fun, and I loved the Human Lady and how she decided to take care of Dave. I loved how our pigeons fell for the greedy need to have more food (especially yummy cookies).

The ending however was a bit of a disappointment, it felt like the book was supposed to be longer, but the author/publisher decided to split it up in two books. It was a disappointment, I was really excited to find out what would happen when suddenly the story was just over. Poof. 😐

The art was really good, and I loved it. Not only the pigeons, but also the background was fun to see. It really fitted the book perfectly.

All in all, this was a good book and I really enjoyed myself. I guess I will also be getting book 2, mostly because I just want to know how stuff ends. (Will they find the one they need to find? Will their problems be solved? Will they get punished?)
I would recommend it, though like I said, the ending is a bit weird, so be warned for that. Maybe it would be best to wait until book 2 comes out.


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