Review for Edmund Unravels

Review for Edmund Unravels

81gcr7nnowlI was looking forward to reading this book since I heard about it coming out.

Finally I had a chance to buy it and read it. The poor book is a bit mangled thanks to the mailman just stuffing the too big package in the mailbox. 😐 But he has a loving home now, I patched him up a bit and he is looking much better. 😀

Now let me talk about the book’s innards. The story about Edmund. Edmund is a small ball of yarn/wool. Of course as the years continue he grows and grows to be much bigger. Edmund is quite special. Whereas his family and friends are content to just live in the same place, to not unravel too much, Edmund wants to explore. He wants to see the world. Of course there are limitations, he is still bound to his home, so the further he goes, the smaller he gets, I found that really interesting.

Also now it is done in wool/yarn and with a fictional character, but I feel this how it is for everyone in the world. You are tied to a home, with family and friends, and the further you go, the further your bond is stretched. Eventually you just have to pop back home to fix those bonds and to see familiar faces again.

I did have one question though, if everyone in the world is made of yarn/wool/thread, wouldn’t it become quite a messy knot in the end? At least in real life, if put several yarn/wool balls together they inevitably will wind up together. Yet it seems that in this world, the world of Edmund, you can easily be dragged/pulled back without knots or worries.

The illustrations are fabulous, colourful, fun, and Edmund and his family is perfectly drawn. I also love that there are different shapes, sizes, forms, and everything in this world. Edmund is a round ball, but his parents are much more shaped like those yarn/wool things you see at the store. Then there are also spools. It was just so much fun!

All in all this is one book I would highly recommend to everyone.


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