Review for Emily Sparkes and the Friendship Fiasco

Review for Emily Sparkes and the Friendship Fiasco


21749383I saw this series pop up on Goodreads, and also Twitter, quite a few times, so I decided to check it out. Boy, I am glad I did, because this book made me laugh so much.

This book was hilarious, our MC is just fantastic (well not always, but often she is), the friendship and whom she friended, well I could see that coming from a mile away (especially after some parts). The parents were so-so. They had good intentions, but sorry, just because you have a baby doesn’t mean you can just ignore and act so meh around your other kid. You got 2 kids now, take care of them both. Do your laundry (so she has clean clothes), make sure there is food, listen to the kid if she wants to talk, etc.. Bella (our MC’s best friend) was really funny, and I loved how she adapted quickly to her new life in Wales.

In the beginning I was a bit annoyed with our MC and how she treated people. I know she wants friends (and also a partner for the trip), but come on girl, no need to act like this. I don’t even see what was so good about that new girl. But then again I can imagine that one might not want to be the partner with a gross boy who apparently isn’t so nice.
As the story continues I started to really like the girl and I could see that her life also wasn’t the easiest. Worried about her parents (and also angry for not giving her attention and even making some bad remarks), her best friend moved to Wales, there is a new girl in her class, another friend did something (but we later find out more about that and also what really happened). So yeah, I could imagine that she might be acting a bit off. Anyone would. Plus the fact that this girl is 11 years old.

I laughed out loud about several things, from the part where she had to go into Gross-Out’s van. Or the part near the end with the whole trip and what happened there (poor Emily, poor Zuzanna). And then there were countless of other parts that had me in stitches. My book at the moment is a bit stuffed with papers so I can remember what parts were exceptionally funny.

I loved the way this book was written as a diary (and also the little comments when the day just seemed to go on).

The ending had me laughing, oh dear, I do hope those parents never find out who Bella’s best friend really is. 😀

All in all, even with a bumpy first beginning, I loved the book and I am definitely going to check out the other books.


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