Review for Freddie Mole, Lion Tamer

Review for Freddie Mole, Lion Tamer

29378655Well, at first I wanted to save this book for the next day, but instead I started reading it after a long day at Animecon, and then I couldn’t stop until I had finished the book. Totally worth it, even if it meant I was dead-tired. 😀

Because this book will do that to you, it will grab you by your hand and pull you into the story. The story about a boy, about a circus, about hard work, about family. You will laugh, you will cheer, you will be amazed at what Freddie can do. Because Freddie isn’t the kind of kid who will just stand by and do nothing. No Freddie will work hard to help out his family.

While his family isn’t that big, it consists out of a dad, a mom (though she is always away), the twins, and then Freddie himself. But dad doesn’t earn much, and while mom sends money it isn’t much. Especially since dad helps out another family with problems as well. You can imagine that there isn’t much food, that there aren’t many new things that can be afforded.
So Freddie wants to work his butt off to make sure his family has more. Isn’t that amazing? How many kids would do the same?

And he gets an amazing opportunity to work at the circus, and he climbs up from just doing menial chores to actually doing performances. Which is how Freddie comes in contact with the lions. Yes, lions, this is still an old (but oh so fun) circus with animals. I loved that part, I felt sorry for Freddie, and I worried and fretted. Would he be all right? Would he be able to do it? But then we find out certain things, and I just laughed so hard. Yes, Freddie would be able to do it. 😀

The ending was amazingly adorable and sweet. I am so happy for Freddie, for his family, they certainly deserve it all.

I also love the narration and how at times the narrator just stepped out of the story to tell some things. Things that still were relevant to the story. But I just had so much fun, I just love it when a book’s narrator breaks the fourth wall and really includes the reader.

There are also amazing illustrations which made the book even more awesome and fun. Freddie is exactly how I would see him, the same goes for various other things.

All in all, well this is one book I would highly recommend to everyone. Read this one!


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