Review for Girl Out of Water

Review for Girl Out of Water

28513482This book is a hilarious, laugh out loud book combined with some realistic themes (losing a big competition and what that does to someone, the pressure of a training camp, weight problems, feeling alone, and some other thins) which really balance the book. You laugh at some parts, you cheer, and also worry, at other parts.

Our MC is a terrific girl, and I just loved her from the first page. I felt sorry for her that she wasn’t fast enough, though I do wonder why she got last? From what we read in the book later on she did consistently win every competition. And sure, I can imagine that there are better people, but come on, this just seemed weird that she would end up dead last.
The book focuses on what happens next to our MC. How she tries to go through her day now she doesn’t have a strict swimming schedule, how she tries to fit in at school, how she tries to make her schoolwork (since that is now the most important thing, though she does find out that she should have paid attention back when she was still a swimmer), she tries to make new friends.

I really loved when she found Gabe, Roman, and Pete. They were such delightful characters, and I loved what they planned, and also loved the dedication that our MC puts in it. She could also just easily said no, but instead she finds something new, and totally dedicates herself to it. Of course, finding out that not everyone is a swimming genius. 😀

Gabe and our MC? I just knew what would happen, and I was just cheering so much during the book, hoping that they would get together, because they sure had some chemistry. I won’t say anything about if they did get together or not, read the book and find that one out yourself. 😛

Then we also have the MC’s best friend. She is at the training camp, and to see her change? It was quite sad. She started off so sweet, so happy, and then later it is totally different. I do wonder why the training camp never noticed, I am sure they wouldn’t want their athletes to look like freaking skeletons, or would they? And also what is up with the parents of the girl? Why did they act like it was nothing, that it was just drama. The girl is lucky she has such a great best friend, with great parents who do care.

Of course we also have some mean girls (duh), though I have to say that I didn’t expect that swimming coach to be such a bitch. Cammie, sure. But a trainer being so bitchy? So someone lost? Does that mean you just drop them completely? That you act like you are so superior and better? That you totally disregard her when she comes to you to talk. What the hell.

What more? Ah yes, I loved the competition that the guys and our MC entered. I really would have loved to see it live, it sounds like an amazing show.

All in all, this is a book that will make you laugh, it will make you cheer, you will want to shake your fist at characters, you will swoon, and much more! Highly recommended!


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