Review for Hakumei to Mikochi Vol.1

Review for Hakumei to Mikochi Vol.1

30342098This was just so sweet, and perfect for a dreary day as today seems to be (and the past few days as well).

It is about a world where tiny people live. We follow the adventures of two of those little people. They are named Hakumei and Mikochi. You will see their daily lives, but also several adventures. I can hear you ask how tiny are they? Well they are around 9 cm in height. If that doesn’t help much, then imagine that a tangerine is almost as big as them. Yes, they are really tiny, and also really adorable.

At first I wasn’t sure what their ages were, they seemed pretty young, but then later in the story they would talk about alcohol, and they would also get drunk, so I have moved them to be still young, but also not super young.

These two live together in one house, and they are really the best of friends, though I do wonder how long they have known each other since they do have stuff that the other doesn’t know yet. I would love to read about the story on how these 2 got together and became such good friends.

Their adventures include going fishing, camping (due to an unfortunate accident involving their house), going to a big city to shop, and so so much more. Each chapter is a new story, they are connected in a way, but mostly it is just another new day for you to read about.

I am not sure who my favourite is out of these two. They both have skills and quality and traits that make them both fun. Mikochi is more calm, collected, looks at things at a level-headed way. And then we have Hakumei who is adventurous, boisterous, and loves telling stories about her life. They are both fun characters and I love them both.

I also love that there are animals (often times many sizes bigger than our tiny people), most of them seem to be good-natured and the tiny people and the animals often cooperate (for instance Hakumei works with a weasel).

The art is a feast for the eyes, really, it is just so gorgeous. The details, the characters, everything, you will be sucked into this world. I would love to see all the art coloured in, I am sure that will really give an extra dimension to the gorgeous art.

What more, oh yes! At the end of each chapter there is a column/extra thing about the world. It is related to the story in the chapter. For instance when they went to the big city there was a part about the city. When they were travelling in a snowy day their outfits and how Mikochi made them is featured. It really gives a lot of extra depth to the story and it makes you just want to step into that world and be as tiny as those little people and have adventures with them.

All in all, I will be soon reading volume 2, because I really don’t want to leave the world just yet.

I would highly recommend this manga to everyone in need of a calm, fantasy-filled slice of life with fantastic art and wonderful sweet characters.


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