Review for Last Lemonade Standing

Review for Last Lemonade Standing

23309745So I finally got my boxset with 4 books of this series. Now I can finally continue reading this series, because I loved the first book so much.

And this one was definitely just as fun as the first book, though you can clearly see that Nancy is really in the beginning phase of being a detective. Sure, she knows a lot, but there are things that would be the first thing the adult Nancy would check out, that this Nancy neglects, or doesn’t notice. It is really interesting to see, and it also makes me curious to see how this Nancy will grow. How she will learn from what she does here, how she will gain experience.

Because the whodunnit in this book? At first I didn’t know, but then hints are thrown around, hints obvious for the reader, but not so obvious for Nancy and her friends. It is a whodunnit that was interesting, and I am delighted that they added it. Sure, it is a bit anti-climatic, since you expect something different from the Nancy series, but I still couldn’t hate it. If anything this will learn Nancy to check other factors as well beyond those she automatically checks.
Of course, I won’t tell you the whodunnit, if you want to know, just read the book. See if you can deduce the whodunnit. 😀

I really like the characters, Nancy is just so much fun, though I wish she would have been a bit more honest. Hannah is like her mother, and I am sure that while she might be disappointed, she would still love Nancy and still would trust her. So I was kind of hoping that Nancy would spill the beans. Just let Hannah know. But she didn’t.
However, I could forgive her, because I could also see why. I know the feeling of a being a kid and being trusted with something, only to have something happen. You are not sure what to do. You don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings, you want to figure things out first by yourself.
I really loved how dedicated she was to the case, and how hard she worked to solve the mystery. But not only that, it was also really good to see her and her friends work so hard to get tickets for the concert. Often kids might just give up, but not these 3, they will work until the end.

Bess was typical Bess. She is the same as in the books, but also as in the games. She is a great friend, but not such a good detective at times. But she is still a very fun character, and I like her a lot. Where Nancy is more down-to-earth, George is a bit boy-ish and active (and in the newest books, also the love for gadgets), Bess brings the fun and also the fashion, and of course her love for food. She just balances it all out and brings an extra sparkle to the series.

I am not entirely sure if I would drink that lemonade, the idea of strawberries + lemons sound OK. But to add honey and mint in it? Nah.

The ending was nice, but I was a bit sad that things got solved that way. They worked so hard, and then this happens?

I also love the added illustrations, it is a new look for Nancy and her friends, though they still have a lot of characteristics from the previous series.

This was definitely a fun book and I really enjoyed it a lot. I would recommend this book to everyone.


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