Review for Medal Mayhem

Review for Medal Mayhem

11324787This will be a short review.

I am still curious as to what happened in book 1 and 2, but it seems Library #3 doesn’t have them, I was already happily surprised when I saw this book.

This time the book is all about the animalympics. Animals from all over the world participate in various things, from triple jumping to running. Who will win? What will happen?
I do have to say it was exciting, but I also was a bit sad/frustrated at what happened near the end. It was a bit anticlimactic to see what happened, and I am also still curious about that kangaroo. There was this build-up for the kangaroo, and then well…. read the book.
But in overall I really liked the animalympics and I was cheering for everyone, even if we don’t see all their routines/competitions.
I especially was delighted for Taz. Go go Taz!

Of course we have a visit from a certain person, gee, that person doesn’t give up, do they?

EE was also a bit annoying with how he acted around Harriet. Harriet is such a superstar and he is being all whiny about stuff. I wouldn’t mind it if he gets out of the book, but I am guessing he will never leave since we do need an adult around so Susie and Harriet can go places.

The ending was really cute and I was happy for everyone.

Of course the book is stuffed with illustrations and I still like them. Though I have to say that Harriet has a huge head, which looks a bit weird as I wonder how she can still stand straight. 🙂


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